Tuesday, 16 January 2018

2018 ... a new start

Hi folks, and Happy New Year !

Everyone already heard about Meltdown and Spectre, the most important is all open source oses are doing their best to provide mitigations while limiting the unavoidable performance hits ; the good side of it that led to some BSD projects to work together (like DragonflyBSD and OpenBSD people) in these problems, sharing concerns and solutions.

In the meantime, in a more personal level, I have been doing few professional contributions, like for Python (the uuid module build fix for *BSD) and possibly the libb2 dependency (improvement proposal). Last December, I got interested into fuzzing through American Flop Fuzz and LLVM lib fuzzer each one having its own interest, but was frustrated the latter did not have FreeBSD support. So I just provided a patchset in the fuzzer itself and the compiler frontends ... This will be available from clang 7.0 ...

Apart of this, as usual various small contributions to php, video games here and there or just simply helping out giving OpenBSD internal patchset upstream. Might be back writing a little bit for BSDMag as well. Otherwise, in a more or less near future, waiting for a special event but at this time very unsure it is going to happen but will keep you posted.

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Friday, 29 December 2017

Already end of the year ... looking forward to 2018

Hi folks,

I hope you got a great 2017 year in most of topics as possible :-)

In my side, it has been pretty good with some surprises along the way from the usual open source contributions to the EuroBSDCon in Paris, while not forgetting the BSDNow interview ...

Since the last time, couple of pull requests in various projects had been merged, from php, to cassandra/C++ driver and couple of video games ... Speaking of video games, thfrwn posted lately a list (not definitive though) of playable of video games on OpenBSD in GOG.com (of course playable on FreeBSD and most of them should work on NetBSD as well), proud to see some of games I contributed to (here a little into of Barony beta version) :-) ; list mentioned a bit in the last BSDNow of the year ...

Some of my contributions are still opened for review but the most important is behind already, we will be proudly close 2017's chapter soon and embrace 2018 with positivity, at least this is what I hope for all of you dear readers :-)

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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Autumn's releases

Hi folks,

Soon it is Christmas, but before that there are couple of releases worth to mention :

- Haproxy 1.8.0 which represents a tremendous amount of work (HTTP2 is the most noticeable new feature). But since there are so many additions, this is not a release for the "fainted hearts", thus I m not advising for everybody but only to people ready to face bugs and to help to make precise reports. Otherwise I would recommend waiting Q1 2018 at least. Also to mention W. Tarreau had spent ~15 years working in Haproxy project apparently ... that s quite a commitment :-)

- PHP 7.2.0 ... lot of bug fixes (since 7.0 they really take things seriously, the code quality had increased noticeably) and enough nice new features.

For which I made my shares of pull requests ... There also numerous projects to which I contributed ... Cassandra c++ driver ... mod security/mod_defender ... mariadb ... h2o ... and even more tiny pull requests here and there ... I did a bit a pause with video games (I still look strongly at barony though mainly) and try to port to *BSD what can be :-)

Seemingly OpenBSD is going to (finally) support TLS (for Thread Local Storage) natively :-) lot of softs I contribute to needs this and using gcc from ports with emulated TLS is just a "band aid" at the moment (not counting the C++14 and > projects )... We can count on @kettenis to provide it for 6.3 :-)

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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Welcome autumn

Hi folks,

As expected, I came to the EuroBSDCon 2017 in Paris, there is no regrets in my side, will do it again if I have the opportunity following years. Indeed, speaking about opportunities, it was the chance to see face to face people just to say I have not forgotten what you did for me a while ago so thank you, ... met Ted Unangst, Theo de Raadt (he does not bite I promise ;-)), Marc Espie, Landy Breuil, Ed Maste, Michael Lucas (besides his wide knowsledge, he is a genuine funny individual) ... just to name few of them ;-) Also obviously, attending very interesting speeches (I tried to share between FreeBSD and OpenBSD ones as possible). The organisers did a great job (I admit now, sorry for that :-), I feigned ignorance, pretending I  lost my way to the hotel on our way back from the boat party ... just to see ... and they did very good ;-)) to the point talks were released in not much days after the end (what an end it was, ...) which you can find here if you are ever interested.

After that, back to small hacking as usual since OpenBSD switched to clang (now it is the 5 version after the source tree was unlocked from 6.2), contributed back to LMMS, the usual various doom client engines (even Russian doom, fork of chocolate doom, cherry picked up few of my commits :-)), open tomb, open spades, yquake2, a pending contribution for dustracing2d (in review by the main maintainer) ...

About Dublin BSD Meetup, it will be the first about OpenBSD, and will happens, normally, the 26th. It should be friendly but "knowledge giver" as always.

And, ..., following up the EuroBSDCon, I got interviewed by ... BSDNow :-) having watched the show for years and being in the other side of the mirror, that was quite an experience :-)

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Friday, 1 September 2017

libnginx and other things into FreeBSD

Hi folks,

Awhile ago I was mentioning I sliced a subset of nginx into a library targeted for FreeBSD ... It is available thus you can easily create a runtime memory allocator from it if desired just bear in mind nginx pools != apr pools ;-)

Other professional topic, haproxy and haproxy-devel ports contains update of the new DeviceAtlas enterprise C api version (2.1.2_2) hopefully gentoo will have the update in a reasonable timeframe.

This week end will be back to more personal usual things :-)

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

FreeBSD visiting Dublin

Hi folks,

We are approaching the end of autumn but unlikely feeling sad, indeed there is many events ongoing from september ;-) EuroBSDCon and probably few local events as well.

Apart of this, same as usual, some of my commits for various projects first some (indirectly) work related like the Cassandra driver where I brought a little bit of BSD "spirit" ... The incoming PHP 7.2 version where I just updated a component I updated already a while ago. Apart of this, Doomsday engine accepted my little fixes and a handful doom client engines :-) Few other things are still ongoing but that s pretty much all at the moment...

Last thing ... Benedict Reuschling the famous FreeBSD Foundation Vice-President and one of the BSDNow talkers visited us, the Dublin BSD Group, in Dublin sharing his great and long experience of FreeBSD growing popularity, his great documentation knowledge and lot of great anecdotes and showing his love to teach to other people.

Hopefully, we ll see each other again in the next EuroBSDCon with some other BSD folks ;-)

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Hi folks,

It is already mid august, thus we are moving towards the last moments of the "very" sunny Ireland's summer :-). Professionally speaking, I was mentioning on my Linkedin profile I was tweaking nginx source code (very surprised by the number of views by the way), specifically the memory pools part. This subset, I call friendly tinynginx. Of course, there is lot of people before me doing that for more or less similar purposes. In my case, basically I wrote few memory checkers with or without instrumentation (pointer tracking etc), memory calls run-time replacement which use it. Now, since I use it under FreeBSD I replace within nginx pool source the standard calls by FreeBSD specific non standard ones, also adding proper valgrind macro "check points" as I can where I saw fit. And as I mentioned in this same post, mainly DeviceAtlas C++ api seems to benefit a little performance increase as long the pool is properly set.

As a quick test, I tried to see if I could transpose this pool feature into kernel module as the code is not the convoluted spaghetti one and it seems it does it seems ;-)

Apart of this, hopefully some of my last contributions will be merged, will keep you posted as usual :-)

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